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Hey, this is Harry Whelchel.

This will be DIFFERENT than other "calls" you may have taken online.


1. You will not be speaking with a sales person. You will actually be speaking with an art market consultant who has helped dozens of independent artists earn more from their art.

2. They will actually diagnose exactly what you need to do on this call and bring all their experience to your art practice. You WILL get thousands of dollars of value on this call...

Which is exactly why I need you to understand this:

1. Filling out an application will not guarantee we speak with you. We only do a few calls a week and we only reach out to about 20% of applicants that we feel we can easily help.

We will reach out to you via TEXT MESSAGE if you are one of those artists and we will ask you to reply to the text message to confirm your appointment.

2. We usually only speak with artists who have sold their work for $1,000 or more. We occasionally make exceptions on these calls...

However if you are brand new to your art practice or are not doing at least $2k a month in household income (total—not just from art) PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL AND TAKE UP A SLOT.

This is a very high level call and is meant for motivated artists ready to grow their art practice.

3. If you do not confirm your call by replying to the text message we send you OR you do not show up to your booked call, you will NOT get a second chance to speak. We're strict about this because not attending shows a lack of consideration and robs another artist of that time slot and opportunity to grow their practice.

4. Be sure to bring any business partners, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend you name it—anyone you would need to loop in, in order to make a decision. That way if the strategy we prepare for you resonates with you, and we both feel like it would be a great fit, and we both want to explore working together we can all do so together. We are a small team putting 90% of our energy into serving the artists we work with, so for that reason we do NOT offer follow up calls if someone on your end is unable to attend the session.

5. Come on the call with a mindset to invest. What I mean by this is we're going to be showing you strategies and tactics that, whether you choose to work with us or not, require you to invest in yourself and in your art practice. Invest time, invest focus, invest energy, and more. They require you going out there and doing a bit of work on your art practice. If you're booking this call and looking for some sort of free get rich quick, make money online scheme, where you don't have to do any work with your art practice, this isn't it. So, if that is the case, you should not submit an application.

6. When you take the call be in a quiet spot sitting down where you can focus. If you take the call and you're driving, you're in a loud spot, if you're at Starbucks, or if you're at your kid's soccer game, we're going to politely end the call. You do work from your computer, from your desk, or from your studio so take the call there. Take the call seriously and this will be the most valuable 45 minute conversation you have this year.

Finally... if you're still with me and I don't have you running for the hills... but in fact... you're even more fired up now because you feel this might be exactly what you've been missing... then please do book a call below.

We love what we do. 

We love speaking with thoughtful, positive, ambitious artists and helping them transform their art practice.

We look forward to speaking with you.